#29  Streaming

2 Big Ole Bootys

My girl-friend Sexfeene came into town over the weekend, and that could only mean one thing, we were going to have some fun. I’d bee...
  #31  Streaming

Ambitious Booty & King Gutta

I have this friend who calls his self King Gutta, and he has a really big cock! We were getting ready to head out to this swingers c...
  #17  Streaming

Double Chocolate

I invited my New York friend over to my room for some action. He fucked me pretty good and bust two loads on me. One between my ass...
  #15  Streaming

Fucked By The Boss

One day I stayed late working with my boss, because we were flooded with paper work from all the shipments that had come in. We’ve b...
  #12  Streaming

Give Me Those 2 Big Dicks

I was hanging out with my friends Jimmy D and Moe B Dick and got really excited and made both of them fuck me. I knew they were turn...
  #4  Streaming

Anal Session With LT

For some reason my fans wants to see me take dick in my fat ass, so when i heard LT was coming into town I decided to let him up in t...
  #13  Streaming

Fuck Until the Sun Goes Down

Hanging out with my new friend Certified at the park and decided to find out if he was really Certified. Watch the scene and judge f...
  #19  Streaming

Dick Size Matter

For the longest I always thought that dick size didn’t matter, but after being fucked hard by Macana Man I now know that it truly doe...
  #28  Streaming

Ambitious Booty in Vegas

After the avn award show i followed my friend Macana Man back to his hotel and decided to give him some of this Ambitious Booty. Enj...
  #6  Streaming

Lost In Vegas

After missing my flight back to Houston, after the AVN awards I found myself stranded in Vegas with nowhere to go. I ran into Rome M...
  #22  Streaming

Anal Test Drive

My producer has been pushing me to start doing anal in my videos, so i thought i’d give it a try. In this scene i’m introducing John...