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Double Chocolate

I invited my New York friend over to my room for some action. He fucked me pretty good and bust two loads on me. One between my ass...
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Thought I’d give you guys a nice booty shake and a huge dildo!!! Just went toy shopping lol!!!!
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Date Night With A Notty Dread

One night i was hanging out in my room watching a few pornos that i brought with me. Naturally, i got a little horny and decided to...
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Fun With Lexi Amor

While spending the day with my good friend Lexi A’mor, we decided to put our asses together, shake them up and come up with something...
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Give Me Those 2 Big Dicks

I was hanging out with my friends Jimmy D and Moe B Dick and got really excited and made both of them fuck me. I knew they were turn...
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Fucked By The Boss

One day I stayed late working with my boss, because we were flooded with paper work from all the shipments that had come in. We’ve b...
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Ambitious Booty & King Gutta

I have this friend who calls his self King Gutta, and he has a really big cock! We were getting ready to head out to this swingers c...